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Where Do I Start?


Please click here to join the waitlist to be notified when you can request your free consultation.  Consultations typically last between 15-20 minutes & allows us to ensure the technology is compatible as well discuss your questions/concerns and ultimately decide if my therapy services would a good fit for your family.


This evaluation is not mandatory if you have had a previous evaluation done within the last year.  A copy of that evaluation may be uploaded with the initial paperwork so that goals can be determined from the results.  An evaluation conducted via teletherapy will often require parental involvement depending on the child's age.  A detailed case history will be taken as well as any specific concerns you may have.  Due to an evaluation being only a small snapshot of a child's daily skills it is very likely that your child may not demonstrate skills that he/she normally would.  This is why I find it crucial to have a detailed history in order to piece together the most accurate picture of your child's skills.  Evaluations vary in length of time to complete and are $275.00.


Once an evaluation is complete or a previous evaluation has been obtained I will go about constructing goals that I feel would benefit your child the most based on the overall picture of skills they already have.  Along with these goals, I will suggest a frequency a duration of therapy sessions that I feel is most appropriate.  Typical therapy sessions are 30 minutes long and are $65.00 per session.  On average, I recommend sessions 1-2 times per week.  Payment must be rendered prior to the start of the session.  There is 24 hour notice cancellation policy.


A parent coaching session is where we meet together to discuss ways to implement language opportunities more frequently in your every day life.  These sessions focus on maximizing communicative opportunities and often I suggest the child be present in order to cover some real-time training and practice.  Parent coaching sessions are 30 minutes long and are $65.00 per session.  There is no set amount of sessions recommended and can be provided on an "as needed" basis.

Parent Training
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