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Welcome to The Speech Loft!

I am an ASHA-certified, Virginia licensed Speech Language Pathologist.  I design, create & provide interactive, virtual speech language evaluations and therapy sessions for clients. My speech therapy sessions focus on equipping each child and his or her family with effective and practical strategies in order to maximize communication gains, reduce communication frustration, meet milestones and jumpstart progress!  I strive to make therapy fun & functional, keeping motivation high and allowing opportunities for communication that occur in our day to day lives.

The Speech Loft's Mission

As a parent, you want to see your child be successful in learning and reach his/her full potential.  Often times communication difficulties can be isolating and frustrating for both the child and parents.  You may be worried or puzzled by how to best meet your child's needs.  I am here to help & together we can create a therapy plan that will put your child on the road to successful communication.

My goal is to provide information & resources to help you work with you and your child and create a blueprint for communication success. Communication disorders can be overwhelming; asking for help can be difficult as well.  I appreciate you stopping by and helping your child on their communication journey!

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